About K.M. Breakey

I was born in Toronto & educated at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I received a degree in Mathematics & Computing Science in 1992, and commenced a 25-year career in Information Technology. In 2016, I turned full attention to writing with the success of Johnny and Jamaal. I see fiction as a tool to disseminate truth and expose lies – so important in a world of media distortion and eroding free speech.

My latest, All Thy Sons, paints a disturbing vision for the future of Western civilization. What happens when there are no more safe neighborhoods? Or cities? Or countries? The results may surprise you. My 4th novel, Never, Never and Never Again, tackles South Africa’s complicated history, from Apartheid, through Transformation, and into the chaos currently laying waste to this once-prosperous nation. Johnny and Jamaal explores racial dysfunction in America, from perspectives you won’t hear in mainstream media.

I’ve caught the writing bug, and am currently dreaming up scenarios for my 6th novel. Any ideas? Feel free to share.

When not writing, I enjoy hockey, tennis, skiing, and occasionally, political debate 😊.