My latest novel, All Thy Sons, paints a disturbing vision for the future of Western civilization. What happens when there are no more safe neighborhoods? Or cities? Or countries? The results may surprise you. In an age of mass media distortion and rapid erosion of free speech, I see fiction as a powerful vehicle to disseminate truth and expose lies.


Praise for Never, Never and Never Again:

“…lays bare the dire political climate in Mandela’s beautiful land.”

~William A. Shields, Former U.S. Marine & Host of the Shields Report

“Magnificent read!”

~Amy’s Bookshelves

“On the level of Tom Wolfe.”

~Jess Thorton

Praise for Johnny and Jamaal:

“Exposes and examines human failings and human nature in a manner reminiscent of Ayn Rand’s famous tome, Atlas Shrugged.”

~William A. Shields, Former U.S. Marine & Host of the Shields Report

“…an explosive novel…exceptional characterization…authentic and uncensored.”

~Angie Mangino, Freelance Editor and Journalist, New York.

“6 stars out of 5….the best book I’ve read this year.”

~Vigilante Reader Book Reviews

Praise for Creator Class :

“A modern day classic.”

~ T. Dewhirst, Ontario

“Pure enjoyment.”

~ Ian Turnbull, Glasgow

Praise for The World Clicks:

“One of the most well-thought out, brilliantly executed and tightly written novels I’ve read of late.”

~K. Matthews, San Diego, CA

“The author has written a winner and I will read anything else he writes.”

~Laura Thomas, Alabama