My latest novel, Shout the Battle Cry of Freedom, takes readers on an inside tour of America’s decline – COVID insanity, violent crime, open borders, descending Dystopia. However, a new leader emerges – a patriot who’s ready to die fighting for freedom. Is it too late to save the once-mighty nation? Read STBCOF and find out.


Praise for Never, Never and Never Again:

“…lays bare the dire political climate in Mandela’s beautiful land.”

~William A. Shields, Former U.S. Marine & Host of the Shields Report

“Magnificent read!”

~Amy’s Bookshelves

“On the level of Tom Wolfe.”

~Jess Thorton

Praise for Johnny and Jamaal:

“Exposes and examines human failings and human nature in a manner reminiscent of Ayn Rand’s famous tome, Atlas Shrugged.”

~William A. Shields, Former U.S. Marine & Host of the Shields Report

“…an explosive novel…exceptional characterization…authentic and uncensored.”

~Angie Mangino, Freelance Editor and Journalist, New York.

“6 stars out of 5….the best book I’ve read this year.”

~Vigilante Reader Book Reviews

Praise for Creator Class :

“A modern day classic.”

~ T. Dewhirst, Ontario

“Pure enjoyment.”

~ Ian Turnbull, Glasgow

Praise for The World Clicks:

“One of the most well-thought out, brilliantly executed and tightly written novels I’ve read of late.”

~K. Matthews, San Diego, CA

“The author has written a winner and I will read anything else he writes.”

~Laura Thomas, Alabama